Air condition is the most needed equipment that makes lives comfortable. They control the temperature in the house. Humidity level gets decreased, so no one experiences stickiness. Moreover, they clean the air by filtering odours, mites and smoke lingering within the house. Advanced technology has made it possible for manufacturers to design ACs with fast cooling rates helping to save 60% on electricity. That’s surprising!

Today, AC includes features like anti-dust filters, auto adjust temperature and built-in stabilizers. This enables you to have a peaceful sleep at night. However, air conditioner is a machine and needs regular care to provide homeowners with peak performance.

Significance of AC maintenance service

  • It ensures that the equipment performs well, especially when needed the most
  • ACs energy efficiency enhances or else it can lose 5% efficiency every year, if ignored. Just imagine in 3 years the AC energy efficiency will be reduced to 15%, which will affect its performance.
  • Maintenance service on regular basis help to detect small issues and address them, before they become big. It can be expensive in terms of repair or replacement of a new one

People living in Los Angeles need to be ready, at the start of summer to encounter 68° heat in midsummer. Therefore engage Los Angeles air conditioning services for regular maintenance. It is reported to give 95% of its newly installed efficiency back. The payment you make in servicing the unit gets recovered soon in terms of low electric bills every month and not to forget the decreased repair cost. Regularly care of your AC dehumidifies the home and enhances indoor air quality.

How frequently should your AC be serviced?

HVAC technicians suggest that even if your equipment does not experience any issues, it is better to have the gadget checked and serviced once each year. It will ensure that the unit is operated at maximum efficiency, all the time.

As the system operates, it collects dirt and dust in main parts like air filters and condensing coil, which impacts its efficiency. Because of dirt build up, its operating efficiency falls by five percent every year, which indicates it cannot cool your house evenly.

An AC maintenance schedule will include the checking of blower, motor, coils, drain line, return & supply lines, Operating pressure & temperatures, connections and refrigerant levels. Make sure to hire licensed and insured HVAC contractors to protect you, during possible property damage or injury while servicing. Generally, service life of a well-maintained air condition is approximately 15 years.

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