Whether you want a cost-effective way to mend your clothes or to engage in commercial tailoring, a sewing machine is an important asset to consider. A basic sewing machine can accomplish many tasks. Besides, modern computerized machines are available in the market, which and are easy to operate even by beginners.

Where to find a reliable sewing machine

Sewing machines are available from both online and offline suppliers. From a reliable shop, you may find a basic machine to take care of your sewing needs. For example, a standard singer sewing machine is available from reliable online commercial points such as and from departmental stores. Additionally, you can also find best computerized sewing machine from reliable sellers.

The following are some of the popular brands of sewing machines that you need to know.


The Brother International brand has been in the market for a long time. It is one of the well-established brands. It is often advisable to buy a popular brand because it is easy to find many people who have used it before. Previous users can provide information about the product, which can help you make a decision.

Husqvarna brand

This brand is ideal if you intend to use a computerized sewing machine. The company makes other electronic devices as well. Husqvarna Viking Company is based in Sweden. Before you make a final decision to buy the brand, you can read more reviews to gather enough information about the brand and the latest products in the market. With adequate information about the products, you can choose a model that best meets your requirements.

Singer brand

Perhaps a leading brand in the industry, the Singer brand claims a bigger percentage of the market share. The company provides various models with features that are suitable for starters and experienced sewers. You can find a Singer model in reliable specialty stores, authorized retailers, and online suppliers.

Janome America brand

Janome Company is popular for its innovative products, which are also more advanced. It offers computerized sewing machines for beginners and for professional users. One of its products, the Memory Craft 1000, comes with computer software and a patented stepping-motor.

Kenmore brand

Also known as Sears, Kenmore is one of the leading suppliers. Its models are multifunction, suitable for medium and low-end users. Read reviews about the specific brand before you make a final decision.

Even with the major brands in mind, it is important to remember that within each brand there could be several models.



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