In the modern era, the problem of vehicle theft is becoming increasingly common and sometimes these vehicles are even used for the criminal activities which have made the things a lot more complicated for the owners. You can read now about these incidents on various websites and newspapers. All these incidents have increased the need for a better security system that can guarantee the safety of your vehicles and help you to get rid of these thieves with ease. Here are some of the advanced security norms that can help you to protect your vehicles against the criminals:

Face Recognition Lock:

These locks have become very popular in the modern times as more and more people are looking to get them installed in their system. These locks make it almost impossible for anyone to start your vehicle without you and thus they cannot steal it even after multiple attempts. But these locks are only helpful when you are driving your vehicle only by yourself as the application of these locks will also make things difficult for your family members.

But these all things can be managed as you get some high-tech security that makes your cars immune against the robbers. Especially, if you own a luxury car, it might be a very good idea for you to get a face lock to prevent your expensive car from being looted by the robbers.

Electronic Immobilizer:

The use of these immobilizers also makes things difficult for the criminals as it prevents the ignition system and the engine from starting up thus making your vehicle safe and secure. But a key aspect with the immobilizer is the positioning of the off switch and if it is easily visible criminals can easily turn it off and fled away. So, you must try to install it in locations where it takes time for a criminal to find it making the task difficult for him.  These immobilizers are frequently used these days by the people from around the world and there are some high-tech immobilizers that can be connected to your smartphones so that if anyone is trying to switch it off, you will get an alert message and you can check upon the security of your vehicle.

Tyre Lock:

These locks are mostly used when you park your car for long hours and make things difficult for the thieves. These locks are also been used when you park your car at sloping surface and there is an ample risk that it may slide down the slope. But the problem with these locks is that they are bulky and it is not that easy to carry them which have made its usage a rarity but these drawbacks cannot undermine the fact that it adds up a security layer on your vehicle.

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