Hardly anyone can realize the importance of right type of saw than the carpenter. Wood work is impossible to do without saw. If you are a professional carpenter or you wish to choose carpentry as your career then you should definitely check about the types of saws available in the market and its applications. Versatility and precision are the important features of the saw blades for doing all types of woodwork. Some are efficient is making the bigger cuts while the others are expert in making small cuts with high precision.

Types of saw blades for woodwork

Saw blades for doing woodwork are categorized as follows:

Plywood blade: This type of blade is helpful for cutting the hard and thick plywood with smooth finishing. The good point about this type of saw blade is that it does not cause the plywood to get tattered or ripped off.

Circular blade: These are the most common types of saw blades which are efficient in cutting the logs of wood into pieces.

Dado blade: Dado cuts, grooves and rabbet cuts are made on the wood or plywood with the help of this type of saw blade.

Finishing blades: This type of blade is designed basically for giving the smooth texture to the wooden surface and plywood.

Helpful tips for choosing the right saw blades

In order to increase the efficiency of saw, you should check out the following tips for selecting the right saw blade:

  • Find out your needs: There are different types of blades for saws which serve different purpose so you first need to identify your requirements and the select the right blade. Performance, efficiency, durability and cost are the essential features that should be considered before buying the saw blade.
  • Check out the material you need to cut: There are different types of blades for different types of cutting. Hence, it is needed to ensure that you pick the right blade according to the type of material you want to cut.
  • Know your blade well: As there are thousands of types of saw blades you need to check out the type of blade you are buying. Common types include crosscut blades, fined tooth blade, ripping blade etc. Blade width, number of teeth on the blade and angle of the blade teeth are the important features of the blade so buyers should select the right blade for making the right cuts.

It is sure that if you have chosen the right saw blade, you will be able to perform the work of cutting with high level of efficiency.

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