Paint sprayers can save you tons of time when handling complicated paint tasks covering large areas. These sprayers are ideal for a wide variety of applications, the only catch is you have to use the paint gun the right way. Here are expert tips on how to attain a perfect finish for any project.

Start With a Great Surface

Don’t just wake up one day and start paint spraying – you will end up disappointed. The best way to start the task is by prepping the surface first. Take time to sand down the item with sand paper or a damp cloth. This reduces the amount of paint you use and guarantees you amazing results.

Don’t Cover It All at Once

The secret to a great finish is to apply several light coats instead of a thick coat at once. Doing this ensures a uniformly painted surface. Make sure the pressure you apply on the trigger remains consistent across all the layers. Release the trigger after the spray has left the target area to avoid drips or shiny spots.

Invest in High-Quality Spray Paint

Cheap is definitely expensive in the end. Make sure you only use quality paint for any spray-painting task. High-quality paint gives you an even coat and reduces on paint use. The result also and lasts longer.

Clean the Can after Every Run

You need to make sure the sprayer is clean after each task. Fill the sprayer with water or an emulsifier to clean the insides of the machine to make it ready for the next task.

Use the Right Sprayer

Not all sprayers are the same, as detailed by Paint Smoothly. Choose a sprayer depending on the type of task and your budget. However, don’t compromise on the quality of the spray job by going for cheap. Additionally, go for a lightweight sprayer that allows you to tackle any paint job for long without straining.

Stay Safe Always

Always wear a facemask, either disposable or reusable. Have you ever read the warning label on the can of paint? You wouldn’t want to expose yourself to such toxicity.  Make sure you dispose of the can properly, most preferably at designated waste disposable sites.

The Bottomline

Paint spraying is fun, only if you do it right. Whether you are painting a wall or a chair, you need to follow simple yet effective guidelines. A major prerequisite for any great spray-painting job is a clean surface, quality paint and a suitable paint sprayer.

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