Social media can be deceptive as people always try to show their best. Such people will always give tips on how to stand out in the marketing field but will leave out the struggles that people go through on a daily basis. If you are in the entertainment industry, you already know that social media is an important ingredient when it comes to engagement and getting new followers. More so if you are a comedian, you have to get a good following to mark your spot on this space. The following are some of the mistakes to avoid as a comedian on Instagram

    1. Believing that you can handle everything on your own

Being in the arts industry can be quite demanding and finding a balance between work and social life can be hard. You will always be on your toes looking for fresh content and your online followers still expect you to tend to them. You can automate the simple tasks of posting, engaging followers and growing your account and get more time to focus on your brand. If you are not new to Instagram automation, then you already know that Instagress was one of the most popular tools in the recent past. New automation tools have been introduced and you can check some at SWS Mag and avoid the struggle.

    1. Focusing so much on marketing

The moment that you establish yourself as a comedian, people will be flooding your wall for a daily dose of laughter. Instagram is a good marketing tool but people are somehow put off by marketing tones when overdone. Focus on creating good content and be creative on how you advertise your services. Focus on user-generated content as this is one of the best ways to get more clients. Good content will always attract people and you will eventually sell without having deep marketing campaigns.

    1. Inconsistency

Just like the way you look forward to a certain TV show every week, social media is now picking this trend. There are those profiles that people always browse through hoping to get something new. As a comedian, people will expect a lot from you and you thus need a schedule. Develop a schedule that states what you should post and when you should do it. You can make it flexible to accommodate some of the things that arise in the course of your work. Ensure that it is a plan that you can stick to without so much struggle.

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