Choosing a Toronto graphic design company to deliver your project and boost your company’s success might be the perfect away to gain credibility over your products. Specialized marketing companies will do what it takes to help you create, develop and deliver top products with competitive prices and outstanding design and advertising. Moreover, if you decide to opt for a smaller company against the already known, you will have the surprise of encountering young and eager teams, people who really put passion in what they do and promise to deliver innovative and creative packaging, as well as professional web design solutions to brand market all your products. Here are some of the best ways through which you can achieve ultimate web design and truly make your business outstand:

  • Do not mix too many typefaces. Headings, subtitles and text should not be all made using different fonts. In fact, try limiting the number of your fonts and choose the ones that are simple and easy to read. This way your text will become the main attraction point, and readers will not spend minutes trying to first transform the text into something that is easily readable and then trying to understand it.
  • Using scales, bold and different colors to emphasize. When working with a longer text, you should emphasize the words or the phrase that is most important by simply scaling the word or choosing a different font, color, or even bolding the word. There are plenty of techniques you can use, but make sure not to choose all at one. Also, you can use light and bold font variants to have a stronger emphasize or impact. The key is to focus on only one element and avoid overcrowding your text.
  • Choose the right typeface to deliver your message. Believe it or not, different typefaces may suggest different things or may be used for delivering different types of messages. Make sure to use the right one for your own text. If your main text is flirty or wild, you could use some italic fonts or more elaborated design schemes. On the contrary, if you wish to deliver a simple piece of information, sometimes even professional, choose plain text fonts.
  • Use areas with clear space in your pictures in order to have creative places to insert your text. For instance, if you have a background image with a wood full of trees, surrounded by a clear sky, use the darker colors of the trees to place your text above. Use light colored fonts as they will make a greater impact on dark fonts than the classic black on white/ light fonts.
  • Hierarchy is the best policy. The feature that is most visually dominant in your text should be the one representing the quintessence of your message. Place the most important part of your text or the keywords above, followed by the main body text beneath. Apply color or scale to further emphasize the message and your outcome will be totally professional.


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