Various research studies have shown that there are 27 species of Amazon parrot in this world. Among these birds, people can normally find species like Orange-winged, Blue-fronted, Lilac-crowned, Mealy Amazon, Yellow-crowned Amazon, Double yellow headed Amazon, White fronted Amazon, Green-cheeked Amazon, Yellow-naped Amazon and Cuban Amazon as pet birds.

How can people distinguish male and female parrots?

Certain Amazon parrots are sexually dimorphic. In other words; they are distinguishable between male and female in a subtle manner. For example; white-fronted Amazon parrot can be described as such a bird. In an adult male, the primary covert feathers and alula are red and in the female; they are green in color. As far as most Amazon parrots are concerned, DNA test is absolutely essential to determine their sex.

What do Amazons eat?

Amazon parrots generally prefer fruits, vegetables and tree nuts and, the pet Amazon parrots enjoy pellets and fresh produce, raw or cooked diet. Like all types of parrots, Amazons also require vitamins A, K, E and calcium in their diet. It is not all advisable to feed these pets with alcohol, avocado, caffeine or chocolate because these items can make a negative impact on their health.

What type of cage should people make?

The average height of Amazons is 13 inches and they need a lot of room inside their cage. It is always advisable to select at least a cage of 3 feet square and 4 feet high in size and, for any pet parrot; it is good to purchase the largest cage that an owner can afford. The cage should be stocked with adequate perches and toys to provide adequate space for the pet to stretch out and exercise as well.

What is the best way to train these pets?

Amazon parrots are competent enough to learn a good number of tricks. The best methods of training are positive reinforcement and structured training sessions and, these methods are extremely helpful in taming and trick-training the pet Amazons. Their immediate motivation is food and the owner can tame the bird easily by offering nuts. People can begin with essential behavior training tools of the Step Up command and contact call.

How to enrich the life of Amazon parrots?

Amazon parrots hail from rain forests and they really love the rainwater. These birds often enjoy frequent baths from a shower or spray bottle. Since they live in flocks in their native environment, they look for similar conditions in the domestic dwellings as well. The owners need to interact frequently with this pet bird and they should also allow them to spend time with the family members by perching them in play-stands; especially in social areas in the house.


Amazon parrots are highly energetic and curious and, they exhibit certain behavior concerns when they cannot express themselves. When they reach sexual maturity, they may show some aggressive tendencies compared to other big parrot species. When people come to know about all these aspects, they can easily tame these birds and the owner can proudly say that my parrot is the best pet in the world.


This article explores the characteristics of Amazon parrots in a detailed manner and it also covers topics like best food, training methods and many more.

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