Instagram has brought a revolution in the marketing field in the last few years. It has made it possible to market your product and services with a lot of ease. Instagram is cheap and very convenient to use. It has also proved to reach a very wide group of individuals in a very short time. Tailoring your account and posts is the key to successful marketing on Instagram. Here are some key features to ensure successful marketing.

Powerful hashtags

There are two common hashtags that you can use to market on Instagram, branded and community hashtags. Use branded hashtags when your target population is people who are already aware of your products and services and are just looking to get extra information on your products and services. As for community hashtags, use them when you intend people to follow a particular interest, topic or a unifying theme of your work.

Dynamic stories

The stories on Instagram allow you to have an interaction with your followers and target population. However, these stories are mostly deleted from the top of the feed after around twenty-four hours from the top feed. Ensure that the stories you create and post, are very captivating and will attract a large number of views and interact with you. Instagram has a way of allowing those stories to go on forever. It allows you to save them on your archives. You can then re-share them through stories highlights features.


Having to be around to answer even the most basic question about your products and services on Instagram is very tedious. However, automation allows you to interact with the whole of your followers without you having to be available. There are automation features that will enable you to do this. You can check what Spire says about different tools you can use to automate on Instagram.

Skilful Instagram live

Statistics show that an 82% of people on Instagram, prefer to watch a live video about a brand, rather than read a blog on the same. This feature is allowed on Instagram. To ensure a broad view, make a point of making an outstanding video about the product and make sure it is seen and has an exceptional quality on Instagram.

In conclusion, ensure that you have quality content to drive your Instagram marketing. Using Instagram as a marketing platform allows you to reach a vast group and your product or service gets to sell more. It is a feature that everyone wishing to take the marketing of their products to a higher notch should embrace.

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