Winter can be tough on your hair due to the freezing temperatures. The way you treat your hair during summer changes when winter sets in. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of snow or any other winter conditions, you stand the risk of your hair getting damaged, dull and dry. Using hair care products can help but they are no match for specific hair care tips for the winter season.

Understand Your Hair Type

One of the reasons that hair care salons achieve the results you enjoy is they first consider the kind of hair you have before choosing the right products to use on it.

You have to know whether the hair is dry, thin, oily and more. You can talk to your stylist to understand your hair and what kinds of products that your hair has responded to in the past. Buying exactly the kind of products that are recommended for your kind of hair will give you great salon-style hair even during winter.

Always Cover Your Hair

You shouldn’t go out in the winter with your hair exposed to the cold temperatures. Get a well-fitting cap or hat to protect the hair from damage. Even if there is some sunlight, always make sure you protect the hair from the near-zero winds, and the heat blasts that hit you whenever you get in from the cold.

Deep Condition the Hair Weekly

Use a deep conditioning product to help repair damage that has occurred to your hair. Avoid using hot oil treatment products because they damage your hair even more. Instead, go for a cream-based conditioner; let it sit for 20 minutes then rinse out the excess conditioner.

Keep Your Hair Dry

One of the things you ought to do and always stick to is to keep your hair dry at all times. Cold can freeze already cold hair and damage it beyond repair. If you have to leave the house early in the morning you can wash the hair and dry it the night before. Even if you plan to wear a hat, you should make sure the hair under the hat is dry. Use the right blow dryer from Oomphed to dry your hair the right way.


Taking care of hair during winter needs a little more effort from you. The cold temperatures can damage your hair, therefore take all the precautions to make sure you not only maintain the hair but you have a full head of hair when summer comes.

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