People take up cycling for numerous reasons-fitness, transport, sport or plain pleasure. No matter what the reason, you should always stock up on basic bike accessories such as biking helmet, bike pump, bike tool kit etc. Whether you plan to buy all these form an online store or a local bike shop, these basic bike accessories are necessary once you start up cycling. After acquiring considerable biking experience, you can move up to other accessories as well. Bike pumps are one of the most essential accessories that you would need.

There are numerous good pumps for bikes available in the market. If you are beginner, you can choose a basic frame pump that can be carried along the ride. Additional CO2 cartridges can also be stocked up for rapid supply of pressurised CO2. These are very small and handy to be carried along with the bike.

Another variety of bike pump is an electric air compressor. These, however can be quite cumbersome and may not be very practical to carry like other pumps. Nevertheless, this electric air compressor bike pump is generally ideal for home maintenance of the bikes.

Purchasing a bike pump will depend upon the kind of riding you are planning to do. For riding on local roads, a mini pump is ideal that are very lightweight and small to handle flat tires. These are portable too.

Being a bike racer, you will need a heavy-duty bike pump that is designed to handle the nature’s impact on the tyres such as rocks and branches. Bike pumps that will help you put air fast in the tire without too much effort on your part is the ideal one for you.

One needs to check the performance of such bike pumps, before making any final purchase. A bike pump that does the requisite work without much hassle for you is what you will need. The time take, the amount of pressure needed, the stroke forces etc. will mater when buying a purchase. A bike pump having a higher stroke force will need you to put much effort in filling up the air in the tire. Choose a pump that has a lower stroke force and will completely inflate the tire without much effort.

Not all bike pumps are suitable for all bike types. Check with the bike dealers to make an informed purchase. Checking the components of the bike before buying a bike pump is the ideal situation. If you are planning to carry along the pump, check if it fits the storage area of the bike.

These tips will help you get the best bike pump and keep it handy at all times.


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