All over the world bricks are used for pavement and building. In years back, bricks had been used majorly as a sidewalk material, but now it’s generally used as a fancier material than just a roadway construction material. It is a building material that is bonded thereby forming a good and strong structure to add to its strength and stability.

Why is Brick Construction so Popular?

Brickwork construction is very popular today because of the benefits it offers such as fire protection, it has a high wear resistance level, it helps to attenuate sound or noise, it helps to maintain and regulate interior temperature, it is durable and strong and it offers great beauty to your building.

These are some of the common benefits of why people choose bricks over other construction materials.

Here are some of the best types of bricks you should know:

Common Burnt Clay Bricks

This type of bricks is made by pressing in molds. This is the first step in the production of this brick thereafter, the bricks will be dried and made to pass through the heat in a kiln.

This type of bricks is being used in most of the regular construction work because they don’t have any alluring appearances.

Sand Lime Bricks

This type of brick is formed through the mixture of lime, sand, and ash coupled with some building chemicals when mixing. The wet mixed substance is then molded to give good shape under adequate pressure to form the brick.

Sand lime bricks most time comes out production with a gray color, you don’t need to plaster it because of its smooth and uniform appearance, and it is very strong. This type of Brickwork can only be done by the dgconstruction and you should consider them as the best option.

Engineering Bricks                    

This type of bricks is produced at an intense temperature and its aim is to produce a strong and solid brick thereby limiting its rate of water absorption. These bricks offer great and powerful load bearing scope and chemical defiant properties.

Concrete Bricks

Concrete brick is produced from strong concrete. This type of bricks is generally being used in fences and walls because it offers great and admirable artful presence. These bricks are more alluring than common clay bricks because it can come in different colors during its production.

Fly Ash Clay Bricks

These bricks are produced using ash most importantly the fly type and clay at a temperature of about 1000 degree celsius. This brick is not mostly selected by people because it tends to fail its purpose of production in such that it has a greater propensity to expand when it comes in contact with water or moist substances.


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