If you aim to grow your Instagram following and earn a positive reputation for your brand, you need to work on your account management skills. If you’re a celebrity, it may be easy to get a massive number of followers without lifting a finger. But if you’re a nobody, you should definitely up your game.

Here are a few Instagram secrets:

1 – Post Regularly

Firstly, establish a regular presence on Instagram. To do this, you should login to the social network regularly – be it daily or every two days. And apart from merely logging in, engage in some account activity. Inactivity turns off some followers and can make them want to unfollow you.

You could like or comment on a friend’s post. If you have nothing to say, using an emoji will do. This activity will show up somewhere in your followers’ feeds and they will know that you’re active on the platform.

Better yet, post an image. Doing so regularly will not only prove that you’re an active Instagram user, it will also increase an audience’s awareness of your brand.

2 – Keep Your Instagram Stories Eye-Catching

But before you post a random image, assess the quality of that image first. If an image is not of acceptable quality, it’s better to pass up on the opportunity to post.

To help you, ask questions along the lines of: Does it give your brand a good reputation? Is it useful? Is it interesting?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you should go ahead and post. Otherwise, resolve any related issues.

For example, if an image that you planned on posting wasn’t cropped properly, then make an edit to crop it. Only once you’re satisfied with an image should you post it for everyone to see.

3 – Use Automation

Finally, use automated tools for Instagram. They can speed up processes by automating particular actions. Following back, responding to comments, instant likes, scheduled postings, and direct messaging can be done automatically.

On a related note, you might want to avoid installing Instagram bots. While they may speed up matters, they could jeopardize your safety and provide misleading information.

For one, there’s Social Upgrade. The Small Business Blog has found out that Social Upgrade is just an Instagram bot.


Overall, becoming an Instagram success takes perseverance. As mentioned, you have to take your game to another level.

First, carefully observe whether your actions are right. And once they are, continue on as people start to notice you and decide to follow your Instagram account.

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