So, an event is coming up. This is your own event and it is intended to raise awareness for your brand.

By posting about it on Instagram, you are somehow sending out invites. Especially if you use a unique hashtag for it, the Instagram community — at least the users who have encountered your post — may want to check out this upcoming event.

But is posting about it all you can do?

The simple answer is “no”.

Here’s a checklist to help you inch closer towards a successful event promotion.

1. Share the Event Location

First up is to distribute the event’s details. And one of the most important details that you should distribute is the event location.

Of course, nobody will attend an event if you didn’t specify its location.

You can do something as simple as dishing out the location in a post’s caption. Just write down the venue and people who will see your post may check out your event at that venue.

You can also go the extra mile by centering your post on the event’s location. This adds excitement to the ordinary promotional task.

For example, if the event venue is at Foxx’s Fitness Center, share photos taken at Foxx’s Fitness Center.

2. Host a Mini-Event

Then you can — and should — host a mini-event. For example, host a contest where contestants will win awesome stuff.

This way, the Instagram community will start following you from then on. They will pay better attention to what you have to say, especially if there’s a prize waiting for them.

Hosting a mini-event is a classic promotional approach. It significantly boosts traffic to your account.

Having a well-established Instagram account helps with this. The more followers and engaged audiences you already have, the better. This means you are more likely to have a high number of participants.

If you’re a newbie on Instagram, it may take a while for your account to establish a solid ground on the social network. But if you do your end of the bargain, you can fast-track your way to growth.

You may also want to check out Instagram growth services. Such services can help you grow your account (at least) 2x as fast!

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And don’t forget the power of timing. The timing of your post is almost as important as your post itself.

Promote your event on Instagram when people are on Instagram — not when they’re asleep nor when they’re typically at work.

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